• Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda

     Experience Yoga for Every Body, our signature style. Yoga that’s not too hot, hard or fast taught by expert teachers.

  • Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda

    Find balance with Ayurveda, with an emphasis on right living, nutrition and herbs.

  • Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda

    Our approach to Massage Therapy is based in the ancient science of Ayurveda.  Make massage part of your monthly routine today. Learn More...

  • Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda

    Reiki is a gentle Japanese tradition of hands-on healing. Get started with our $5 monthly Reiki shares.

  • Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda

    In our boutique, we have over 40 loose herbs available by ounce, specialized tea blends, body and essential oils, Ayurvedic supplements and more!

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Welcome to Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda!

Experience Stress Relief That Fits in with Your Life
You’re ready to make self-care a bigger priority. But time is precious. And you’re a little overwhelmed by all the options out there.
You want to keep it simple, yet effective. You want yoga that works with your body and fits into your schedule. It shouldn’t be too hard, too fast, or too hot. (No complicated pretzel poses, please!)
The spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation resonate with your values. And you want to find a class that works for you---no matter your age, body type, or physical limitations.
You’re in the right place.
Our focus is on small, semi-private yoga sessions designed to provide you with individualized attention. With guidance from us, and some action on your part, you can find your own path to healing.
We’ve created an intimate space with filled with yoga, Ayurveda, massage therapy, Reiki and acupuncture taught and performed by experts.
Vinyasa for Every Body, our signature style, is the perfect class to start with.
Put aside time some for yourself, and discover how it feels to experience life with less stress and more energy.
Bend, Breathe & Be.


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